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[Blog Tour + Review] The Strike Out by Meghan Quinn



It started with one night out with the boys.
She was the hot diner waitress putting herself through school.
I was the rich, arrogant player everyone misjudges.
On paper we didn’t match.
Yet all it took was one day. One single day to change her mind.
She wasn’t planning to spend her day off with me.
She wasn’t supposed to fall for my charm.
But one day, one smile, turned into several nights of her calling out my name.
I’m not the guy she should end up with. I’m jealous, possessive. Not here for a long time - just a good time.
She’s changed me.
But, for some reason, I feel her slipping through my fingers and no matter what I do, I fear I’m going to strike out with the one and only girl I’ve ever fallen for.


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5 Stars from Tiffany!

These Baseball Players Will be Hard to Top!!

Meghan Quinn and her Brentwood ball players quickly turned into one of my favorite series of standalones, if that makes any sense. Book after book we get a closer look at each guy, learn what makes them tick and end up liking them even more. Holt Green was no exception.

"Bad news, that's what Holt Green is."

Brentwood College is home to the future baseball stars of America. I don't remember how many of thier players go pro, but it's a lot. The guys rule the school and everybody knows who they are, including, much to her dismay, Harmony Styles. Harmony is a girl working to get somewhere in life without handouts from her rich parents, because hers aren't. While this puts a bit of a chip on her shoulder, it also makes her a straight out kinda girl that I like. She wasn't instantly fawning over the beautiful baseball player. She was gonna make him work for it. Something he's never had to do.

"You see what you want to see on the outside, but you won't know the truth until you actually dig deeper."

Sure Holt is a god on campus, however that isn't something he attributes himself to in his mind. Can he get any girl he wants? Yep, he sure can. Does he want them? Nope, he sure doesn't. His eye is on one girl and one girl only. The one that will make him work for it.

Now these two had something I am a HUUUUUGE fan of and and even bigger fan of in Meghan Quinn's books and that is the witty banter. They had it in spades, which made this a super funny read. They were both so quick and then you throw in Harmony's best friend Priya and it is the perfect trifecta of banter. She was my Jason Orson of this book and yes, I sure wanted more of him, but I digress.

Like the other books in the series, these girls make the guys just a little bit better and Harmony does that for Holt and vice versa. While all want the fairytale romance, we know it takes some time to get there and everything isn't always as it seems. I like some angst and there's nothing better than a little curve ball to keep you on your toes. Holt was written as a solid guy, one that has learned the value of life and I liked the man it made him.

The book it well written and again, fully of witty banter and sexual innuendos-another favorite of mine. While the former players are present and accounted for, we are more focused on Holt and Harmony this time around. The Strike Out reads as a standalone, but is much more fun when you know the supporting characters as well.


USA Today Bestselling Author, wife, adoptive mother, and peanut butter lover. Author of romantic comedies and contemporary romance, MEGHAN QUINN brings readers the perfect combination of heart, humor, and heat in every book.


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