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[Review & Giveaway] KNOWING VERA by Rachelle Ayala

Knowing Vera by: Rachelle Ayala
Chance for Love Book Three


Vera Custodio has never fallen in love, though she has strong feelings for her friend and sometimes lover, Zach Spencer. Long-forgotten memories resurface when Vera discovers Zach’s mother was the woman her father supposedly murdered many years ago.

After losing his leg, former triathlete Zach Spencer reevaluates his life—and realizes he’s falling in love with Vera. When she ends their relationship, Zach is determined to prove his love and follows her to Australia in search of the killer.

Caught between a web of family secrets and a deranged adversary, Vera and Zach must depend on each other for survival. Love blossoms, but the truth explodes everything Vera knows about herself. Will she close her heart forever or risk it all for a shot at happily-ever-after?

Knowing Vera is a suspenseful, cross-cultural romance mixing an unsolved murder, action and adventure, and hot, steamy love scenes.


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4.0 Star Review - Knowing Vera (Chance For Love # 3)

I recommend this book.

I enjoyed this book by Rachelle.  This book includes passion, laughs, heartache, murder, betrayal and suicide.

Vera has a horrible cursed past.  After killing a woman her father committed suicide while she looked on. 

Zach and her are "friends with benefits". After an accident leaves Zach crippled she is wondering about the future.  

He loves her but if the truth about his mother's death comes out will he still love her. 

She keeps him at arms length while she tries to figure out what is happening. 

Was her father innocent?  Is he still alive?

All questions are answered in the story no cliff hangers.  But the journey is a twist and turn adventure.  So hang on to your seats and enjoy the ride.  There are a few steamy sex scenes.  Love a book with a mystery and a Romance all wrapped up in the story.

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 About Rachelle

Rachelle Ayala is the author of dramatic fiction crossing genres and boundaries featuring strong but flawed characters. She writes emotionally challenging stories and is not afraid of controversial topics. However, she is an optimist and laces her stories with romance and hope.

Rachelle is an active member of online critique group, Critique Circle, and a volunteer for the World Literary Cafe. She is a very happy woman and lives in California with her husband. She has three children and has taught violin and made mountain dulcimers.
Visit her at: Website: Blog: or follow @AyalaRachelle on Twitter. Subscribe to mailing list for upcoming books and giveaways.


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  1. I'm looking forward to reading this book! One can never go wrong with romance, mystery, passion, and laughs!

    1. Thanks Brandi, I do hope you enjoy the laughs among the passion and mystery.

  2. Sounds like a very interesting read

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  5. I love the cover. It looks like a great book.

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  7. Thank you for the chance to WIN!! What is your hardest kind of scene to write and why?

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