Friday, November 13, 2020

[Blog Tour + Review] Mr. Heartbreaker by Jordan Marie

🔥🔥 MR. HEARTBREAKER by Jordan Marie is LIVE!! 🔥🔥


Everybody envies Big Mike Huntington.

He prowls the halls of Black Mountain Academy like he owns them.
But since he’s from one of the wealthiest families in Black Mountain, he can.

He’s famous—or infamous, and not for his baseball skills like his brother—currently the Major League’s media darling.

On campus, Big Mike is notorious for the giant bat he swings—the one between his legs, not on the field.
And every girl swears Big Mike definitely lives up to the hype.

Mike owns it, embracing his reputation.

Until Violet Raines.

New girl in school, pure as driven snow, and she hates his guts from moment one.
Mike wants Miss Purity under him, begging for mercy he'll never give.

When Violet refuses to play ball?

It’s time for Big Mike to get creative and steal a home run.

He zeros in on the new girl.

Now, there’s nowhere for her to hide.
No sassy words to save her.
No denying her hot, longing glances.

Big Mike gets what he wants.

And Violet Raines?
She’s already his.






5 Stars from Brianna!

He might be a notorious heartbreaker from the Black Mountain Academy elite but there is NO WAY she'll ever be able to resist him when he sets his eyes on HER.

Jordan Marie is here with her latest standalone and holy angst and all those pesky feels. Y'all seriously this book, this couple, and most importantly this cocky af hero she created... whewww! be still my beating heart. Mr. Heartbreaker was everything I needed it to be in the most unexpected ways- intense, unstoppable, unputdownable, exhilarating, and a little bit twisted in a whole lot of moments.

Mike and Violet, these two own a little piece of my heart after their journey. I didn't expect to fall for them so hard but damn, I never stood a chance, just like them. I'm talking thick on the page tension, chemistry that nether could deny, and a whole lot of sexy steam that means you a little breathless and squirming in your seat.

Jordan Marie is always a hit for me and this might just be my new favorite by ber. Packed with heart, heat, angst, steam, and all of those unforgettable- edge of the seat moments, Mr. Heartbreaker is an absolute must read in all the ways.

I highly recommend this book.


I'm just a simple small town country girl, haunted by Alpha Men who talk in my head 24 hours a day. I knew I wanted to write when it became clear I couldn't be happy with just viewing other people's stories. I always wanted to rewrite them. Like why did Jack have to die? Why couldn't Rose move her butt over? Because that was a huge piece of wood she was on, people. Happy Endings should be fought for, but they should always happen. Mine might take some curves and twists, but they eventually get there. Having published over fifty stories, it always feels surreal that this is my life. Hitting USA Today had me crying for days, but nothing is more special than hearing from readers that they loved one of my books.


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