Monday, July 2, 2018

[Release Blitz + Giveaway] Creating Chaos by Lacey Dailey

Title: Creating Chaos
Author: Lacey Dailey
Genre: Young Adult
Release Date: July 2, 2018


Gideon Stryker hates high school and everything that comes with it. As a dancer at a school filled with students whose favorite past time is to make his life as miserable as possible, his plan for senior year is simple: lay low, graduate, and get the hell out.

Elliott Oakley wasn't looking for friends, a relationship, or anything in between after his normal life went from tolerable to unbearable and he made the necessary choice to move from Iowa to North Carolina.

But this is life. And plans change.

They were best friends first but Gideon and Elliott soon form a connection that is too powerful to deny. They fall hard for each other, creating chaos and ignoring judgment wherever they go.

Suddenly, high school seems manageable, life seems bearable, and the plans they were so set on following get tossed out the window. They make a new plan. One that ends with them together. But their plan gets a giant wedge tossed into it the moment Elliott's past makes the journey from Iowa all the way to North Carolina, creating more chaos than they ever thought possible.

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4 Stars from Tiffany!

Very Grown Up Y.A. Read

What a sweet, emotional book Lacey Dailey gives her readers with Creating Chaos. We meet Gideon and Elliott, seniors in high school, trying to make it through thier last year of school together.

Gideon was the most intersting character I have read about in a long time. He may only be seventeen, but carried the wisdom of a man four times his age. He was mature and knew exactly what he wanted after he graduated. That is until Elliott entered his life and turned things upside down.

Elliott blew in from Idaho and quickly learned where he was, wasn't anything like where he came from. In North Carolina, he could be himself, like who he wanted and didn't have to be anybody's dirty little secret. He'd never experienced life in the open and Gideon made it that much better. 

Two were the cutest couple ever. Total opposites, yet they fit perfectly. Gideon was well balanced having grown up with two dads that accepted him for who he was. Gideon's confidence started to bleed onto Elliott, changing him for the better.

It was a treat to read about these two young men and the complications that arise from people that don't appreciate thier lifestyle. Of course it can't be all roses and sunshine for this young couple and Elliott's past showing up tests just how strong thier love is. 

The book was well written from dual points of view and along with Gideon and Elliott, we meet thier family and friends that really help thier story along. 


The best place to find Lacey is with her nose in a book. She’s a sucker for a good love story and a happy ending that has her swooning. When she’s not obsessing over giving her own characters a happy ending, you can find her in the dance studio embowering young dancers and giving out tons of stickers. Thanks to her mother’s pizzeria, Lacey can make a delicious pizza.

When she’s not putting on her dance shoes or inhaling a slice of pizza, she’s in front of her computer binge watching romantic comedies and penning stories with love so powerful, it’ll last a lifetime. As a recent graduate of Central Michigan University, Lacey intends to keep inspiring people through dance and lots and lots of words. She currently lives in Central Michigan surrounded by her family and unpredictable weather.


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