Friday, June 22, 2018

[Release Blitz + Review] Soul Deep by Ashley Lyn

Title: Soul Deep
Series: A Triton Security Novel
Author: Ashley Lyn
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: June 20, 2018



What was I thinking, falling in love at nineteen? 

I was thinking with my vagina, that’s what I was doing. 
Physically speaking, he’s every good girl’s dream—All-American, blond hair, blue eyed, Marine, and business owner. 
Strip him of his finery, the friendly smile, and the manners, he’s every bad girl’s walking orgasm. 
He’s mine.
I wanted him ten years ago—I needed him.
A soul can only go so long without it’s mate. 
This is rich, coming from the girl who can’t go ten seconds without making a comment about poop shoots, cum dumpsters (my ex-wife), inappropriately dancing, making lewd jokes, yet tries to give you a flowery description about our love story… 
What? You thought you’d get the whole story here? 
Naw, you have to read the book to find out about our epic love story—the trials, the intrigue, the sex (which is hot BTW) and my wife’s completely whacked sense of humor. 
“Hey!” my wife yells. 
“What? Fuck, don’t scare me like that. This is my portion of the blurb.” 
“Fiancée! You haven’t gotten my sexy ass down the aisle yet, big boy.”

5 Stars from Brianna!

Ashley Lyn worked her magical way into my must-read list and favorite authors when I read her debut novel last year and y'all, seriously, this chick continues to get better and better and wrote frankly more addicting with each new release. She's got talent. She's got skill. She's got a way with words. Her books are easy, safe and completely mesmerizing with unforgettable characters on every page.

Sexy. Sweet. Hilarious. Fun. Captivating. A touch of twisted suspense... Soul Deep is the first standalone in the Triton Security series, delivering the brilliant second chance romance that is gonna keep you on the edge of your seat, swooning on the inside, and begging for more.

She fell in love with him years ago...too bad she's off limits considering her older brother is one of his closest friends. Well that is until everything changes between them. Now he's determined to make her his and keep her out of trouble...if he can.

Undeniable chemistry. Great laughs. Smoldering heat. You'll laugh. You'll giggle. You'll swoon. You'll fall head over heels in love. The feels were so real at moments (heart-clenching ones) and their journey was perfection.

If you haven't stumbled across Ashley Lyn then now is the time to pop that cherry!

I highly recommend this book.

Ashley Lyn lives in Colorado with her amazing hubby that she met on She has two beautiful daughters, a crazy Boxer named Bailey, a Fat Cat named Mojo, and a sweet as apple pie calico cat named Katy.

She is a passionate reader who loves to read any and all genres. A good book, a cozy blanket and piping hot cup of coffee is her idea of a good time.
She loves to write quirky, funny, sexy, and eccentric characters who have zero problems flying their crazy flags.


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