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[Release Boost + Giveaway] Crazy Sexy Love by K.L. Grayson

Title: Crazy Sexy Love
A Dirty Dicks Novel
Author: K.L. Grayson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 21, 2018


Three-time world champion bull rider Rhett Allen has never been afraid to get his hands dirty. Hard work, sweat, and determination have gotten him where he is today—and that’s holed up in a hospital room, wondering how he let that damn bull buck him off. He’s also wondering why he thought it was a good idea to let his twin brother talk him into returning home to heal.

Rhett has a million reasons to come home to Heaven, Texas, and only one reason to stay away. That reason comes in the form of a sweet and feisty girl who stole his heart long before he ever thought to give it away. The only problem…that girl has turned into a stunning woman.

Monroe Gallagher is downright sexy with more curves than he has notches in his bed post. It’s been six years since he’s seen her, six years since he’s felt any form of peace, and six years since she gripped his heart in her delicate little hands and squeezed the life out of it. The longer he’s in Heaven, the more he starts to realize that the heart she took from him—the one she crushed into a million pieces—she also never gave back.

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5 Stars from Tiffany!
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From the first page to the last, I absolutely loved this book and can't even pin point exactly why. Rhett and Monroe's story isn't so different, or outrageous from anything I've read before. I'm thinking because it was solid. K.L. Grayson kicked off her Dirty Dicks (hilarious by the way) series with a solid romance that ticked all of the boxes for me.

The blurb pretty much says it all. Rhett has left the small town of Heaven, made a huge name for himself, got injured and is now back. There was a reason he stayed away from the town, as well as his family for six years and her name is Monroe. It was a nice change of pace to have the guy reeling from a breakup instead of the girl. The one thing Rhett did, that a lot of these brokenhearted guys do that irritates me, is to try and fill the black hole she left by effing countless, faceless women. So dumb. I digress. Sexcapades not withstanding, I liked the guy and I liked Monroe for him. They just fit.

In the six years he's been gone, Mo hasn't had time to wallow in the pain of breaking up with Rhett. She's a busy girl, lots on her plate. Sure, she still keeps track of his every move, however let her life go on as best as she could with what she was dealing with. Monroe was no nonsense. Excellent quality in a female lead, 

Now Rhett and Mo together, an absolute dream! Yes, they have tons to work out and he still has a career outside of Haven, plus other things trying to pull them apart, but damn it, these two were meant to be. For reals. And I was glued to every page waiting to see how that was going to happen.

The book is well written and contains everything you could want from a nice, long lost romance. Sure we get a lot of Rhett with his broken heart, but boy when he's all better, the sexy Rhett is something else! There's angst, family, friends and of course Simon, who is my true favorite and deserves his own book. With Tess, naturally. Actually, Mo's best friend Claire gets a turn next and you can bet I'll be waiting patiently for it. Especially if we get to peek in to see how Mo and Rhett are doing.


“Make love to me.”
“Plannin’ on it.” Pushing up from the bed, I kick off my shoes and slip her sandals from her feet. Her eyes follow my every move. Careful not to lift my left arm too high, I reach behind my head and pull my shirt off. When I reach for my sweats, she sucks in a sharp breath, her eyes glued to my cock as I let my pants fall to the floor.
“Your turn.” I crawl onto the bed, her eyes searing through me. When I undo the button of her shorts, she lifts her hips, allowing me to pull them off, along with her white cotton panties. Sitting up, she reaches for the bottom of her shirt, lifts it over her head, and flings it off to the side.
“You are so beautiful, Mo.”
The last time I looked down at her like this, sprawled out in front of me, I was too young to appreciate her—too young to understand the depth of what she was giving me. But that’s no longer the case. I’ve dreamed of her many times over the last six years, but my fantasies didn’t do her justice. Nothing compares to having her in my bed—hair fanned out, chest heaving, creamy skin begging for my mouth. I have to reach out to touch her to make sure she’s real.
I slide my fingers over her abdomen. The muscles contract beneath my touch.
She looks down, but I shake my head. “No, sweetheart, keep your eyes on me. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. I’ve seen every inch of you, remember?”
Her cheeks turn the prettiest shade of pink. “It’s been a long time. My body has changed.”
“Hasn’t been that long, and trust me, your body is perfect.”
With a flick of the front clasp, her bra opens, her beautiful breasts spilling out. She shrugs out of it, and I lower my body to hers, scarcely able to believe this is happening.


K.L. Grayson resides in a small town outside of St. Louis, MO.  She is entertained daily by her extraordinary husband, who will forever inspire every good quality she writes in a man.  Her entire life rests in the palms of six dirty little hands, and when the day is over and those pint-sized cherubs have been washed and tucked into bed, you can find her typing away furiously on her computer.  She has a love for alpha-males, brownies, reading, tattoos, sunglasses, and happy endings…and not particularly in that order.

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