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[Release Blitz + Giveaway] Clutch by S.M. West

Title: Clutch
Author: S.M. West
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 3, 2017

Book Blurb

Clutch – verb: to grasp and hold tightly; to seize; snatch.

Flighty. Stupid. That’s what my sisters think of me.
I’m tired of being misunderstood.
With a suitcase in hand and the ocean as my beacon, I’m charting my own path.

Yet, barely a day on the road, I almost crash and burn.
Running into Silas Palmer, a sexy-as-sin rock star, changes my life.

Silas makes me feel … Exceptional. Aimless.

He’s always known his course.
And even now, when he’s abandoning fame and fortune, he knows what he wants.

But life is never that simple.

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Read an Excerpt

I ogle him with his golden hair, bare chest, and board shorts, and my body thrums the closer he gets, the heavy ache building low within me.
“Good morning.” He wades into the water.
Before I can respond, his lips are on mine, kissing me like it’s been years. He pushes me backward, deeper into the water until I’m chest-deep and he’s holding me by the waist.
“Hi.” I’m dazed and breathless.
He smiles, kisses my cheek, and slips his hand under my swimsuit to squeeze my ass cheek. I copy him, wriggling my hand into his shorts and digging my fingers into the firm flesh of his ass. We laugh, and it’s then I notice the dark circles under his eyes.
“When was the last time you slept?”
“I’ve had naps here and there over the past few days. I’m exhausted. Eli called a break because he needed to see Crystal. I have the rest of the day. Can you play hooky with me?”
“I can’t.”
Sinking his fingers into my dry hair, piled high on the top of my head, he cocks his head to the side and purses his lips.
“I didn’t think so but thought I’d ask. I miss you so much, my beautiful girl.”’
He pulls me into his chest and kisses the top of my head. I sink into his warm embrace and try to keep the tears back.
This man never ceases to surprise me. I never knew how much I needed someone like him, until now. His lips peck at the corner of my mouth before he breaks away to study me. My eyes glitter with the threat of tears. Shit.
“What’s wrong? Fuck, did I do something?”
“No, not at all. These are silly tears of joy. I’m glad to see you. I miss you, too.”
He pulls me in for one more hug. “Come sleep with me for a bit.” He burrows his face into my neck, his moist lips sucking on my skin.
My heart sinks. “I can’t. I’ve got work.”
He groans, the rumble vibrating from his mouth to my neck and down into my chest. I shiver, holding him tighter.

My Review

4 Stars from Tiffany!

Slow Go, but Good

As a huge fan of the man whore rock star changing his ways and not so much a fan of insta-love, S.M. West kept a nice balance of both throughout Clutch. Silas and Pansy are an opposites attract couple if I've ever seen one.

"He's not perfect, and neither am I, but together we're magnificent." 

It was refreshing to read about a guy finally sick of the sex, drugs and rock n roll lifestyle like Silas. After telling his band mates, they threw him out of the tour and not even a few minutes later Pansy almost runs him over as he walks on the side of the road. Needless to say, he wasn't the nicest guy to her right away, but boy did that change.

Like Silas, Pansy was looking for a change. She needed to get away from her sisters and finally do what she wants to do. The only problem, she has no idea what that is. After almost killing rock god Silas Palmer her plans take a drastic turn.

The interaction was fun between these two right off the bat. They joked and bantered, side-stepping the real reasons either of them were on the road. After Silas realizes this is the most down to earth chick he has met, he wants more of her. Pansy on the other hand, isn't looking for someone else to take care of her, she's in LA to make it on her own.

The book is well written and while they seemed to fall for each other instantly, S.M. West gave Pansy and Silas some time to really get to know each other and I liked that. Things aren't easy and that was a selling point for me too. Pansy stayed true to her character until the end. Clutch reads as a standalone with a nice epilogue to wrap things up.

Author Bio

S.M. West is an indie author who writes contemporary romance, romantic suspense, erotica and whatever her heart desires. 

She spends her time juggling ay day job, being a mom and wife, and writing. On top of that, she's a self-professed junkie of many things including a voracious fan of music, a born wanderer, a wine aficionado and chocolate connoisseur.  

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