Tuesday, July 25, 2017

[Release Blast + Giveaway] Can't Stop Lovin' You by Lynnette Austin

Brawley must find a way to convince Maggie 
that their one true home is with each other.

Maverick Junction #3
Lynnette Austin


Maggie Sullivan can't wait to get out of Texas. Luckily, she just got the break she needed to make her big-city dreams a reality. But then Brawley Odell swaggers back into Maverick Junction, looking hotter than ever in his dusty cowboy boots and well-worn jeans. He's the guy she still dreams of at night. The guy who broke her heart when he left her behind.

Fed up with city life, Brawley jumps at the chance to return home and take over the local vet's practice—and get back to the smart, sassy woman he's never been able forget. He couldn't be prouder of Maggie's new wedding-dress business . . . until he realizes it may mean losing her all over again. Determined to win her back, Brawley must find a way to convince Maggie that their one true home is with each other.



Her sigh filled the garden. “I really do have to go. I’m a business woman, and I have to be up early.”
He nodded.
She stood. “This was nice. Thanks.”
He took both her hands in his. She swayed toward him, started to kiss his cheek.“No.” He met her lips with his. Hunger, raw and deep, ripped through him. He tasted the same emotion on her lips, in her. One kiss led to another and another.
Breathing hard, she broke away, running her fingers through her hair to push it off her face. “I can’t do this. It was never a question of chemistry. We had that in spades.”
“We still do.” His voice was husky and ragged.“I can’t and won’t deny that.”
“Come upstairs with me. Stay the night.” He trailed kisses along her neck, her collarbone. She shivered, and he knew she was close.
But she put her hands on his arms and pushed away. “I can’t.”
“I know I handled things badly, but how can you hold it against me so long?”
She didn’t answer. Simply turned to walk away.He grabbed her hand and kissed it before she melted into the night, leaving him standing in the dark, wanting more. So much more.

4 Stars from Tiffany!
💜 💜 💜 💜

We Knew it was Coming...

In the Maverick Junction series, Lynnette Austin did a great job at setting up the next book. While I wasn't a fan of Cash, liked Ty a little bit more, Brawley seemed to take the cake. He was a bit of a jackass in the previous books, but we get to know him better this time around and it worked for me.

Brawley was a man that needed out of Maverick Junction when he was nineteen and now, ten years later, realizes the city life isn't for him. Too bad when he left for college all of those years ago, he completely broke the girl he would be coming back for. 

Maggie has hit the big time with her designs. Sure the small towns around her knew she was good, but now New York will get to see her in all of her glory. We saw that Maggie and Brawley had a "thing" in the past two books, however it turns out that thing was pretty complicated. You can kind of see now why she needs to live her life without him.

I liked Maggie and Brawley right away, but didn't want them together. Not instantly. Lynnette Austin did a nice job at keeping Maggie on track with her New York adventure. She worked hard and if she threw it all in the trash for a guy, I was going to throw my Kindle against a wall. Luckily, that didn't happen and good ol' Brawley had one heck of a time convincing this girl he was a changed man. He jumped through hoop after hoop to show her he's changed, as well as settling back into the slow life of Maverick Junction.

The book is well written, predictable, but still a lighthearted, fun read. We keep in touch with all of the other leading characters and thier families, which is a big plus for me. Can't Stop Lovin' You is book three in the series, however there is enough background on everybody to read it as a stand alone. I've grown to like these characters, as they take me out of my norm of dark and taboo reading once in a while. 

Lynnette Austin, a recovering middle school teacher, loves long rides with the top down and the music cranked up, the Gulf of Mexico when a storm is brewing, chocolate frozen custard, anything by Blake Shelton, Chris Young, and Thomas Rhett, and sitting in her local coffee shop reading and enjoying an iced coffee. She and her husband divide their time between Southwest Florida's beaches and Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains. Having grown up in a small town, that's where her heart takes her—to those quirky small towns where everybody knows everybody...and all their business, for better or worse. Writing for Grand Central and Sourcebooks, she’s published twelve novels and is at work on a new series.

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