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[Release Blitz + Review] Set Us Free by MR Leahy

Set Us Free by MR Leahy is LIVE!
This is a PERFECT dark romance!


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4 Stars from Tiffany!

A Good Dark Start

Heed the author's warnings on this one if you aren't a fan of the darker novel. While not the darkest I have read by far, there are quite a few triggers for readers. If you are looking to dabble into the darkness, this is a great book to start with. M.R. Leahy did a nice job at balancing her dark elements with a solid, intriguing storyline as well.

At six years old Emmalyn had everything she knows taken away from her. She was lied to by her horrific mother (more on her later) saying that her loving father decided he didn't want her anymore. Now she is under the roof of the nastiest child sex slave ring leader known to man and being prepped for sale. Again, she's six. Yuck.

The only thing that has kept little Emmalyn as sane as she is all of these years is Kodah, her roommate. He is a few years older than her, however she felt a protective, not creepy vibe from him right off the bat. They've become best friends over the years, almost to thier detriment. The staff is clued in on how close they have become and begin to use them against one another. 

The mission is to get the hell out of that place of course and that is easier said than done. As we span the years with Emmalyn and Kodah, we go through the torture and mind games with them, waiting and hoping to see that light at the end of the tunnel. As the puzzle pieces finally start to fall into place, the story takes a crazy turn and you don't know what in the heck is going to happen next.

While the book was well written and kept my interest, there were a few things that bothered me. One was no real information on Emmalyn's mother. Why in the world would she turn on her daughter like that? What did Marx have over her, if anything? It felt like huge hole in the storyline every time the mother was in the picture. Also, the little flashbacks didn't seem necessary and honestly, I started skipping them. I was more interested in where the story was going, not where we'd already been. Finally, the ending. Ugh, I am starting to like standalones more and more. These series books are getting hard to keep track of for a voracious reader such as myself.


5 Stars from Tiffany!

Better Than the First!

At the end of Set Me Free, I wasn't sure how I felt about the whole Emmalynn, Kodah and of course that crazy mother of hers. While I still didn't get the answer about the mother I was looking for, it didn't matter. The book was fantastic from beginning to end. This review may contain spoilers from the first book, so catch up before reading.

"My secret is my savior-but my savior is also my sin." 

Honestly, they all have secrets, every last one of them. Kodah is chomping at the bit to tell his, Drifter and Buck want to keep theirs for as long as possible and Emmalynn, this girl just wants to know where she belongs.

She's out, he's out, but they aren't together just yet. At the end of the first book, Emmalynn is having trouble remembering what went down when she was held captive and has finally decided to move along as best as she can from it. A decision that is absolutely killing Kodah, who remembers everything, along with JB and Bailey.

"That girl holds my entire reason in the palm of her hands and she doesn't even know it, but she will."

He's a patient man, until he isn't. There is so much going on around these characters, it's hard for the reader to tell which way is up at times. We have the survivors from the trafficking ring, as well as the MC and it's members working together to figure out why the past isn't staying in the past. 

"What Emmy and I got is too effed up for words, our past is something nightmares are made of, our present is full of stalking and secrecy, and our future is fragile and unknown."

Pretty much sums things up. I liked Emmalynn this time around, she was a tough chick, determined not to let the past bring her down. She tried to say strong for her friend Bailey, who was also held captive and give Kodah what he's been waiting five long years for. Drifter and Buck also took me by surprise this time around. They were an unlikely pairing that ended up being the stars of the book in my eyes. 

The book is well written from dual points of view and travels from the present to the past, filling in missing information. There is a nice set up for Bailey and JB unfolding the entire time and I would definitely like to see what they are up to next. 



Set Us Free is a dark romance with scenes that some may see as non-erotic. Not intended for anyone under the age of 18!

Set Us Free
For Emmalyn and Kodah being set free meant living in the real world away from the clutches of her step-father. It meant living a life they always dreamed about together.

But it’s never that easy, is it?

Life is cruel and untamed.

And not everything in their past can be forgotten. Nor is it as settled as they hoped.

With their new-found freedom comes challenges no one should ever face. Separated by memory but together at heart, Emmy and Kodah must find their way back to each other so they can finally live their happily ever after. 

So they can once and for all be set free.


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RAW, GRITTY, DARK, INTENSE, SEXY, HOT, SICK, TWISTED everything all dark gritty lovers need/crave/want/seek this author delivered those feels time and time again!!" - Kitty Kat's Crazy About Books

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M.R. Leahy was born in Amarillo, TX, where she was briefly raised before moving to a small Island in the middle of the Puget Sound called Whidbey Island. Growing up she lived with her mom and younger sister and a few cousins scattered close by. As soon as she could, M.R. Leahy left the small island to get a feel for what the world had in store. After jumping around a few places, she landed in beautiful Wilmington, NC where she not only met the love of her life but became pregnant with her first child. Not long after finding out about the life they created they married and moved to San Diego, CA so they could be closer to family and start the beginning to their forever. M.R. Leahy now has two beautiful boys and is living life to the fullest, not taking anything for granted. She now spends her time being a stay at home mom. When she's not making lunches and kissing booboos, you can find her nose deep in a book getting lost in the many different worlds authors provide, or writing and creating different stories of her own. M.R. Leahy writes dark romances but also has her hands in contemporary romance and romantic comedy. Her possibilities are endless.

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