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[Review] Maverick by Lisa Helen Gray

TITLE: Maverick (Book Five)
Author: Lisa Helen Gray
Editor: Hot Tree Editing
Cover Design: Pink Ink Designs 



I'm the eldest of five brothers. 
Brothers I fought to protect. 
Brothers I failed. 

They don't know the truth. I've kept secrets. Told them lies. 

And now everything I've worked so hard to keep hidden is about to explode and everyone I wanted to protect will be caught in the crossfire. 


Meeting him was fate. 

Him being a part of my past was a coincidence. 

Falling for him was my destiny. 

What happens after... THAT is a disaster. 

* * * * *

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

5 Stars from Renee!

The story has laughs, lies, secrets, pain, abuse, and heartbreak. 

If you have not read the below I would recommend reading those books(s) first:
Malik (Carter Brothers #1)
Mason (Carter Brothers #2)
Evan (Carter Brothers #2.5)
Myles (Carter Brothers #3)
Max (Carter Brothers #4)

This is Teagan and Maverick’s story. Teagan is Maverick’s new tenant. He feels things for her he knows are not good. She is light and he is so dark. He has done things he is not proud of, has a dark past, and is a protector of his brothers. But he can’t stay away from her. Teagan likes Maverick and thinks that he likes her but when he gives her the cold shoulder she knows she needs to leave and stay away from him. When he comes to her and apologizes to her she agrees to leave things in the past and star over. First, he needs help with a situation. She helps him out but what happens when she needs protection? Can he protect her? What happens when people from their past collide? Will they come out of the danger whole or will the danger take everything from them? Will there be a little ray of light in all the danger if only they can find it? Can they figure out what is wanted from them before it’s all too late? Or in the end will they lose not only each other but people they love? 

I loved these characters and the side characters. You get a little from each of the brothers in this story. I could connect with the characters and the story was a great read. 

I highly recommend this book and can’t wait for the next story from this author.


5 Stars from Brianna!

You when a series digs deep in you from the start... where they start to feel less like book characters and more like family? Well that's my Carter boys.

We have watched these guys grow older, mature, fave ce obstacles, and fall in love. We have watched them struggle and push and fight.... only to come out on top each time.

I'll be honest.. I have been waiting for Maverick for a while... on pins and needles to see what he was going to throw our way as he was rounding up this series. The intrigue and not knowing coupled with the end coming made me crave his story.... and a little secret? He was completely and totally worth the wait.

Packed with heart, heat, family, laughs, and passion... Gray takes her readers on an unforgettable yet heaetbreakingly beautiful journey that will twist up your heart and fiddle with your emotions. This family... these brothers... and these characters are so addicting and captivating, I couldn't help but get lost between the pages, racing to the end yet savouring each and every moment with them.

Maverick was so incredible.... stealing my heart in one heartbreaking swoosh and throwing surprises my way that kept me on my toes and the edge of the seat. I devoured this guy hard, falling just as fast... rooting for him and Teagan, the right one for him in every single way.

Expect laughs, smiles, anger, swooning and some tears... but I promise every emotion and moment are worth it.

Fans of this series.... brace and remember why you fell for these guys. New fans.... start with book one, you won't be disappointed.

I highly recommend this addicting series!


Malik ~ Amazon US / Amazon UK /  Kobo / Nook

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Myles ~ Amazon US / Amazon UK / Kobo  

Evan ~ Amazon US / Amazon UK / Kobo 

Max ~ Amazon US / Amazon UK /  Amazon CA



If I could I'd wish it all away ~ Amazon UK / Amazon US / Kobo / Nook

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She loves hanging out, but most of all, curling up with a good book or waogger. 
She loves writing romance novels, ones with a HEA and has a thing for alpha males. 
tching movies. When she's not being a mom, she's been a writer and a bl
I mean, who doesn't!
Just an ordinary girl surround by extraordinary books

Lisa Helen Gray is Amazon's best selling author of the Forgotten Series and Carter Brother series. 

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