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[Release Boost + Giveaway] Crooks & Kings by London Miller

Title: Crooks & Kings
Series: The Wild Bunch #1
Author: London Miller
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Organized Crime
Release Date: March 20, 2017

Book Blurb

In a game of crooks and kings, only the cunning survive … 

She was a girl with secrets.
He was a man with demons.

For her, it was supposed to be a way out from beneath the hands of a man who wanted her dead.

For him, it was supposed to be a job to make amends for a past wrong. 

They were never meant to fall in love.

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My Review:

3.5 Stars from Tiffany!

I Wanted More Romance

Wow, the action starts the minute you open the book! London Miller definitely didn't scrimp on that aspect of this storyline. We are thrown into the world of Christophe and don't get a chance to ever look back.

"His body told a story-one of beauty and pain-and she was afraid to read it."

In this story, we are given two characters with slightly similar pasts that eventually work out perfectly for each other. Christophe had overcome a horrific childhood to only be involved in something even more hazardous to his health, while Mariya was running from the childhood still trying to consume her. They are from different worlds, yet are the exact thing the other needs at the moment, however the worlds think otherwise and the action ensues. 

I wasn't feeling a whole heck of a lot of chemistry between these two characters other than right place at the right time type of thing. He was broken from his past and she has a giant chip on her shoulder from hers. Romance wasn't a word I would use for them, convenient would be a better fit. 

While Crooks and Kings reads well as a Russian Mafia story, I wanted a little more heat between our main characters and less information on the families. The book is well written from dual points of view and plays out like an action movie. It reads as a standalone with a nice epilogue to wrap things up.

Author Bio

With a degree in Creative Writing, London Miller has turned pen to paper, creating riveting fictional worlds where the bad guys are sometimes the good guys. Her debut novel, In the Beginning, is the first in the Volkov Bratva Series.

She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two puppies, where she drinks far too much Sprite, and spends her nights writing.

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