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[Release Blitz + Review] Stolen Tyme by S.L. Ziegler

Title: Stolen Tyme
Author: S.L. Ziegler
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 14, 2017

Book Blurb

Time doesn't heal.
Time hurts.
Makes you stronger, rougher,
And smarter.

Now that I'm back,
Xavier Scott can't hurt me again,
Won't hurt me.
I've seen my share of pain,
Felt it,
Owned it,
And released it.

After one look,
One touch,
One tremble,
And I'm that broken, naive girl again.

I want him,
My body aches for him,
My soul needs him.
But, my head will be damned to fall for that again,
Fall for X.

He stole my heart before,
But not this tyme.

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My Review

4 Stars from Tiffany!

Like Watching a Tennis Match...

Whew! S.L. Zigler likes the back and forth in a relationship. I wouldn't call it angst, as much as immaturity on both parts. Either way, it worked for me most of the time. Others, I wanted to smack them around and little and tell them to either make it work or stop altogether. 

While I liked X (Xavier) and what he'd overcome in the past and the man he is today, I didn't like that he instantly and I mean instantly, macked on his best friends nineteen year old daughter. A daughter he hasn't seen since she was nine mind you. So the creep factor started out pretty high with ol' X, he had lots more growing on me to do.

Now Naomi isn't innocent in all of this creepiness, as she admired X from afar all those years ago when he was a huge rockstar. Kind of a little Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes thing there. Soon enough Naomi finds out that X is very set in his ways. Necessary ways that help keep him on the straight and narrow. Leaving her pretty much on the outside of his life. 

"I needed Naomi. She was my calm. Not the storm."

This guy had one funny way of showing it. He was all in and in a split second was out and running away as fast as he could. I mean at one point they were just about mid-cotius and he picked a fight with her and left. Seemed to be his M.O., he wanted her, but the minute she was there, he would run her off by saying the meanest things to her. Weird dude.

Naomi had her own life, albeit one made she lonelier without X. Every so often she would woman up and tell him to leave her alone, however would end up right back in his bed. She was weak for him, as much as she didn't want to be. These two deserved each other.

With friends, family, kids, exes and pretty much anything you can think of in the way of this budding relationship, made for an interesting read. S.L. Ziegler did a nice job with the drama, while adding in a hint of angst. The storyline is predictable, however I like the road we took to finally get there.

The book is well written from dual points of view and came with a prologue Borrowed Tyme, so we learn how these two crazy kids met. Be kinda neat to see Lock, Naomi's dad get a little story of his own, as he seemed like an interesting guy. 

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Author Bio

S L is a self-described book junkie. She spent her whole life with her head in the clouds, dreaming of characters and imagining how their stories will play out. It wasn’t till later when those stories in her head became too much to handle and made it onto paper. When SL isn’t reading or writing, she is spending her time with her two crazy kids and husband. Where they reside in a home just outside of Atlanta. SL is true buckeye fan and lives for the weekends where she can drink a glass of wine and devour the books waiting on her Kindle.

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