Wednesday, March 29, 2017

[Release Blitz + Giveaway] F*ck Boy by Michelle McLoughney

Title: F*ck Boy
Series: Screwing the Boss
Author: Michelle McLoughney
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 28, 2017

Book Blurb

The Fuck Boy 

Ridge Franklin is 20, tan, shirtless and presently clipping my hedges. Did I mention built like a brick sh*thouse, hot as Hades and a total f*ck boy? If I had a soul left, I’d sell it to feel his rough hands on me. I can’t stop thinking about him, but Ridge is off limits to a woman like me. He’s too young, too terrifying and too intense. Ridge makes me feel things, things I’ve never felt before. Dirty things.

The Trophy

Ava Hartman is 35, beautiful, a rich old man’s trophy wife, and currently sipping her third mimosa before 11am. I see her watching me, from the window of her gilded cage, I feel the energy between us. Long legs, innocent brown eyes and with a body built for sin, I want her more than I’ve ever wanted anything. I know her secret, and I’m willing to use it in order to get what I want. Her, and her hot lush body, underneath mine. Again, and again and again. 

I want her. I need her. I’m going to take her. In every way possible. 

F*ck Boy is a filthy little story with a HEA

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My Review
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5 Stars from Brianna!

Michelle McLoughney is definitely not new to me in the romance world but this style of writing by her is.... and man did she kick it's ass. Fast and all kinds of dirty, you are in for a hot and sexy treat.

Packed with heat, passion, and temptation, McLoughney gives readers a book about one older woman and one young hot guy who is going to get her all kinds of dirty and maybe offer just a little bit more...

This book was so so good. Ridge and Ava were quite.... addicting at times. I devoured this story in one sitting them went back in for a reread just because... plus it's a shorter book but the punch it packed was still intense.

If you like your books easy, quick and a whole lot of filthy then this is definitely for you!

I highly recommend this book.

Author Bio

Michelle McLoughney is an Irish author and child prodigy. That's a lie. As a child she pretended she was a prodigy, and also that her father was Ming the Merciless. Thus, a career in fiction was born, or, lying for a living. Whatever. Michelle writes books that have hot men and kick ass heroines. Also, books that have hot women and kick ass women. There's a theme running here somewhere! Probably that hot kickass women should rule the world. Michelle likes cake and pie. In fact she has never met a cake that she didn't like, first world problems. Please connect with Michelle in any way you'd like. She's a Facebook regular and appreciates the feedback. And cake. Send cake.

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