Friday, March 3, 2017

[Blog Tour + Review] Without Regret by Cat Mason

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Without Regret
By Cat Mason


Beside that word in the dictionary was a picture of me. But, not anymore. Ironically, the decision to take my life back was in large part because I found out my Dad may lose his. With everything changing all at once, my world is spinning out of control. Then, when I least expect it, he turns it upside down.

Ray Mitchell.

This story is not always going to be happy, or pretty. It is raw, and sometimes brutally painful. At my lowest moments I come face to face with who I really am. The road I take is broken more than it is smooth, but there is an unexplainable beauty in being able to live your life without regret.


5 Stars from Renee!

I was pulled right into this story. The story has laughs, pain, and heartbreak. You will laugh, you will cry, you will get angry, you will break but in the end the book will heal you back together again.

This is Rachel and Ray’s story. Rachel needed a reason to leave the man she was with. When that reason comes, she is not only leaving him but she is heading back to her family. He dad is sick and she takes her daughter and goes to take care of him. Ray is a great man and the attraction is there but Rachel is not ready for anything so he becomes a good friend. When everything in Rachel’s life falls apart and the past comes back for her will she allow Ray to help her pick up the pieces or will she run back to her past? 

I loved these characters and the side characters. I felt I could connect with the characters and the story was a great read.

I highly recommend this book. 


5 Stars from Brianna!

Cat Mason won me over once upon a time ago with her rockers and brilliant words. By the time I had read my first book, I knew she was my kinda of writer so obviously I keep coming back for each new release, whether for her rockers or anything else she pens.

Without Regret is her newest standalone novel that quickly quickly chewed me up and spit me out.... but only in the very best ways possible. Mason continues to woo me with her words and make me fall for her characters with every book but Without Regret is....special to me in many ways.

Packed with heat, heart and passion, this book gave me an addicting story with an intricate plot that hooked me from the start and didn't let go until those pages quit flipping.... and even then, I wanted just a little bit more.

The feels and intensity that poured out of here were absolutely captivating and quite all consuming at times. And meeting Rachel and Ray? Just wanted I needed to shake up my book world. I wasn't expecting this roller coaster that they delivered but I regret not one minute of it.

If you like books that make you laugh, smile, cry, get angry and really everything in between, then try Without Regret today.

I highly recommend this book.

Cat Mason is a thirty year old, married mother of three. When she isn't writing; she is spending time with her kiddos or reading. She was born and raised outside of St. Louis, Missouri, just over the Mississippi River in Granite City, Illinois. Cat writes romance of all kinds with twists of humor.

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