Tuesday, February 21, 2017

[Release Day Blitz + Review] Blacksmith by Jenika Snow

Steel isn’t the only thing that’s hard.


Deacon was older than me, but I wanted him regardless. He had this raw edge to him, this primal aura surrounding him that made me feel wholly feminine. He was the epitome of a man…a real man. Even his profession was masculine: a blacksmith. I had no doubt he knew how to work his hands over a woman, how to use them to make her feel the soft and hard sides of him.

What I wanted was for him to be my first…my only.

* * * * *


She thought I didn’t see her watching me, that I didn’t know she wanted me.

I knew, and I wanted her with a fierceness that rivaled anything else.

What Maddie didn’t know was I’d already claimed her. There was no other woman for me but her. I was a possessive bastard, territorial when it came to her. The time had finally come to make her mine. I’d show her how primal I really was, how rough I liked it, how much I wanted to make her scream my name. I’d show her how a man took care of his woman in all the ways that counted.

She’d be mine. Only mine.

* * * * *

Warning: You like your heroes with a touch of caveman? Look no further because Deacon has it going on. He’s all man, and then some. Hold on tight because this story packs a punch, being unbelievable in the best of ways and having instal-everything.


I had a death grip on my bag, my palms hurting from how strongly I was holding on to the damn strap. But God, I didn’t care. The sight before me had everything else dimming in comparison.

Deacon McKnight.

The only reason I knew his name was because I was nosy as hell, asking about him, my fascination like an obsession. We’d never spoken, and to my knowledge he’d never even noticed me.

But I sure as hell have noticed him.

If ever there was a person who could be the poster boy for what a real man looked like, Deacon would be front and center.

The bay doors to his shop were open, and although it wasn’t hot out, I could see sweat covering his hard, muscular form. I swallowed. If anyone were to see me gawking at Deacon, they’d think I had some issues. I didn’t give one shit. Walking by his shop every day on my way to the community college I attended was the highlight of my damn day. The only downside was when I finally pulled myself away from the perfect male specimen that he was, I was breathless, wet, needy, and wishing I had someone to relieve the pent-up arousal that burned in me.

I want Deacon to be that someone. I want him to show me with those big, strong hands, the ones stained from his work, exactly how he likes it.

And I bet he liked it rough, bet he could really dominate and control a situation, have a woman begging for more.

I might be a virgin, might not be experienced in anything more than a hand job and some oral, but God, I wanted to learn a hell of a lot from Deacon. I wanted him to show me how a real man handled a woman.

And no doubt he could.

* * *


5 Stars!

I was pulled right into this story. The story has laughs and heartbreak.

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This is Maddie and Deacon’s story. Maddie wants Deacon but he is older and oh so alpha. Deacon knows that Maddie watches him but not to worry he is watching her also. He was just waiting until he knew she would be ready for him. He is about to possess her in every way. He was making sure she was ready to be claimed and his. But he’s a caveman and oh so primal can she handle it? Of course, she can as she was made for him and him for her. Get ready to fall hard and fast. Let now forget forever. 

I loved these characters and the side characters. I felt I could connect with the characters and the story was a great read.

I highly recommend this book. 

5 Stars!

Jenika Snow is back with the latest addition to get Real Man series.... real men who are quick to claim the woman who owns their heart from the start. Packed full of heart, heat, and passion... this book gives super sweet, crazy steamy, and perfect in every way.

Blacksmith is a standalone novella within this series and definitely the sweetest and most tender. This book made my heart race and my breathing accelerate. Maddie and Deacon hooked me from the and left me with a big ol' smile on my face by the time their journey was over.

Get ready for one man who is ready to claim his girl and her get a whole lot of dirty.

I highly recommend this book.

Jenika Snow is a USA Today Bestselling Author that lives in the northwest with her husband and their two daughters. Before she started writing full-time she worked as a nurse.

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