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[Blog Tour + Review] The Lords of Miami: To Catch Her by Alice K. Wayne

The Lords of Miami: To Catch Her, an all-new contemporary romance by Alice K. Wayne is NOW AVAILABLE!!!
The Lords of Miami: To Catch Her
 by Alice K. Wayne
Release Date: February 24, 201
 Genre: Contemporary Romance


Book one of the Brothers Ramírez

Tomás Ramírez was the youngest son of his organized crime family, and the only smear they carried on their perfect lineage. He was brazen, defiant, and shamelessly sexual, with a sadistic streak that left me lying awake at night wondering what he would do to me, or my body, next. He was the type of man that made me hate him while I clung to him.

Oh… and did I mention he’s blackmailing me?

Mikayla Jones was a sweet, quirky girl, with a dirty past, trying to make her way alone in the world. She was doing just fine in her warm bed of lies, until I came along and burned it all to hell, making her face the truth and confront her demons.

“Why?” you might ask… because I’m in love with the silly little girl, and I won’t stop until she’s mine.



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This is my first book by Alice K. Wayne and I'm happy to report that is was simply fantastic. I have a weakness for mafia romances... and they can be hard to come by when you are looking for something special. But Wayne delivered on all fronts and left me on the edge of my seat for just a little bit more.

The Lords of Miami: To Catch Her is the first installment in this thrilling series. Packed full of heart, heat and suspense, this story took me on a journey full of ups, downs, and everything in between. To Catch Her was sexy, sweet, intense, captivating, passionate, suspenseful, and nothing like I expected it to be in the best kinds of ways.

Tomas.... troubled guy who connected with one girl in a different kind of way a few years back. Even when she disappeared, she was never far from his mind. Now, he is older and trying to prove himself and when the one who got away walks back into his life.... he'll do anything he can to keep her there, even playing a little dirty to get what he wants.

Mikayla...sweet, trusting, and has a little mark from her past in the form of being a cam girl. She's not overly proud of it but she did what she had to do to make ends meet. Now she is ready to take on the world and about to make a change that is going to alter the course her life. When Tomas blasts into her world, nothing will ever be the same.

This journey was brilliantly penned despite that ugly cliffhanger that made me want to scream. Told in multiple point of views, the Ramirez family is full of complications, control, and mystery... but Tomas and Mikayla are something important.

 This book was full of layers and I enjoyed each one that was peeled back, relishing and savoring each bit that was given to us. And seriously y'all, I am on pins and needles for the next in this series.

I highly recommend this book.

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Alice K. Wayne is a paranormal romance/ erotica writer straight out of the Motor City. From a young age books became her favorite escape, and that love eventually turned to writing as well. Alice loves traveling, is a self proclaimed foodie, sushi addict, selfie Queen, and like all good Detroiters, is completely obsessed with Red Wings hockey. If you like thick books with twists, turns, depth, and LOTS of steamy scenes these books are for you!

Connect with the Author:
Twitter: @QueenOfTheBreed

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