Sunday, February 19, 2017

Are you perfect?

To Whom It May Concern,

I didn’t know there was a perfect person.  But if you read some of the drama on Facebook it seems that there are quite a few perfect people.  People who have never posted a bad thing in their life.  I mean shaming anyone is wrong correct?  Bullying people is wrong correct? We should be supporting each other.  But the shaming and bullying is happening every day from authors, readers, models, and bloggers. 

So, to shame the original person that shamed people or bully them makes you “gasp and wait for it” a person that shames other people also.  I mean do you not get that.  When you bad mouth the person that shamed someone, else what does that make you? 

When you call out another person and then hide behind a blog that was just created but the contact does not list your name you must wonder just how innocent those people really are.  Why not come out and say who you are?  Are you afraid of backlash?  Of losing readers?  What about to the person you are shaming back?  Do you care that you are fucking with their livelihood?  What if someone fucked with yours?  Would you not be pissed off?  So why do it to someone else? 

This drama goes around and round.  The more you feed it the more attention you get but is it good attention?  Will it get you more readers because you don’t like what someone said and caused some drama around it.  You think readers are like... oh hell look at her calling him out I just must read her books now.  Yeah that’s a fuck no.  Really in all honesty it’s a turn off.   

If this blog does not like an author or the way they act, we move on.  After all we created the blog for reading and reviewing not policing the authors and models.

If we ran the blog the way some people are all up in other people’s business we would never have time to read. 

We would spend our day’s bad mouthing the authors we didn’t like.  We have NEVER shamed an author or model and will not start now.  

Don’t bother to come to us and ask us to support you banning or shaming anyone as the answer will always be HELL TO THE FUCKING NO!!

So if you are looking for an equal opportunity blogger you are in the right place.  We are all about supporting the community in the only way it should be supported.

Our blog is all about fun, laughs, reading, and interacting with awesome people.  So while you are visiting here please remember to leave the drama at the door!

In closing opinions are like assholes everyone has one.  What you do with yours is your business and should not be policed by the person next to you.   Some people need to remember what we really are supposed to be doing with the blogs in this community. 


Thanks y'all!
Renee & Brianna

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