Friday, November 4, 2016

[Release Day Blitz + Review] Suddenly Together by JA Low


Book 2 in the Dirty Texas Series
(Can be read as standalone)


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I’m Christian Taylor, world famous guitarist of Dirty Texas. I’m a certified rock god, I have a reputation, tattoos and a body made for sin. One look from me and I’ll melt your panties.
There isn’t a woman out there who has ever said no to me, except Vanessa Roberts, the one woman I want above all and can’t have.


Never fall in love with a rock star, it will only lead to heartbreak. Well that’s easier said than done especially when that rock star is your best friend, room-mate and client.
Christian is off limits, I’ve learnt the hard way to never mix business and pleasure but after five years of resisting him, my resolve is starting to crumble.
One little taste can’t hurt, can it?

Release 4th November
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4.5 Stars!

JA Low is back and hotter than ever in the second full addition to the Dirty Texas series. The guys are back and ready to light up your e-readers with their fun banter and naughty mouths. This series hooked me from the first book and I haven't looked back since. I love a good rock star romance and JA Low nailed it with this series.

Suddenly Together was an angsty, sexy, sweet, fun, and passionate read that will fire all of your senses and set your heart a-blazing. This book had me on the edge of the seat from the gripping prologue... man that did things to me but I had to trust this author and her ability to lead me in the right direction even when we went off path a few times. 

Friends with benefits... strike that... Make that best friends with benefits. Sounds simple enough right? All the benefits of a lover and bestie without the strings and sticky feelings. Ha! if only that were true and as simple as it sounds... but when the heart gets involved, it can twist everything up and make you... bare your soul.

Vanessa and Christian have quite a road ahead of them. They will have to dig deep, push, and battle past their own demons to truly let love into their hearts. Can they fight past it all and make it work? Or will they be left in the wake of the destructive path of their insecurities?

 I highly recommend this book.


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