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[Release Blitz + Review + Giveaway] Protector by Michelle Horst

Title: Protector
Author: Michelle Horst
Genre: A Standalone Suspense Romance
 Release Date: November 2, 2016

Book Blurb

I’ve always thought of myself as a pretty happy-go-lucky kind of person. I wanted to save the world, or at least leave my stamp behind. In my own naïve way I thought I could bribe karma but life has a way of teaching us lessons.
I never knew how selfish I was until my life was ripped away from me.
I’m forced to watch as they torture and kill my family … and I know I’m next.
I hear their screams.
I watch them die.
It’s the worst kind of torture
Then he comes. He made a promise to my brother. It’s the only thing keeping him bound to me.
A promise to protect me.
Have you ever seen a bomb detonate? Just after the explosion, there’s this hissing silence and then chaos follows - rubble, destruction and so much pain and sorrow.
Right now, it’s as if that scenario is being played in reverse.
It’s a terrifying chaos as that man goes to stand in front of Dad. Dad’s still unconscious. He can’t even do anything to defend himself.
Life seems to be returning to my body in flashes. First, I start to yank at the chain. Then my mouth opens in a horrifying, silent scream.
The man grabs a fistful of Dad’s hair, shoves his head back, and then I watch as he presses the blade to Dad’s neck.
A violent pain blossoms in my chest and it threatens to bring the walls down around me. I watch as blood starts to trickle down Dad’s neck and then the man shoves the blade deeper.
I start to scream as hysteria hits me in waves. Part of me is caught in a nightmare-like state, refusing to believe that this is actually happening right now.
The man just walks away after slicing Dad’s neck open. My eyes are glued to my father’s blood flowing from the wound. The hysteria rages inside of me until I’m swept away in a maddening mania.
I can’t think clearly anymore.
I can’t process what I’m seeing.
All I can do is weep, scream, and yank at the unforgiving chain around my neck.
This - whatever this sick and twisted situation is - cannot be happening.

I should set him free of the promise … but I don’t. He’s my shield against karma. He’s my protector.

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This is not real … this is not real … this is not real.

My Review

5 Stars!

Action, Suspense, oh and Romance as Well!

Talk about a little book that packs a big punch! This is my first Michelle Horst book and if her others are like it, won't be my last. It wasn't anything I expected and left me pleasantly surprised. Plus, it was the perfect length, which always earns high marks in my book.

"Karma, now there's a peculiar thing. I never knew how selfish I was until my life was ripped away from me."

And that's how the book starts folks. The first few chapters are agonizing and hard to get through. I was glad that Michelle Horst didn't drag things out and kept the storyline flowing. As Riley watches her family slaughtered in front of her, I couldn't imagine what was in store next for us readers. I also couldn't wait to meet her protector, but not at that cost. Yikes.

"Sometimes the hero is late. Sometimes, life just gets to break you, and there's nothing you can do to stop it from happening-because the hero turns out to be fake."

While I found Riley slightly annoying at times, she got a free pass because she's lived through such a nightmare. With life turned completely upside down and she has no answers, she has to blindly trust the people she's with now. Especially him. He seems to be the leader and the man with the answers she desperately wants. 

"Charlie is the best company a broken soul could ever ask for. He doesn't give you empty promises, saying time will heal all. He's just there, a silent strength to keep your head above water."

Charlie was my favorite of the bunch! As we got closer to the end, I had to ask somebody that had already read the book if something bad happened to him. I needed to know to prepare myself either way. 

The book is well written from dual points of view and this review vague as to not spoil any storylines. Along with Riley and Charlie, there is a whole cast of supporting characters to help tell this story of love, loss and promises kept.

Author Bio

International bestselling author of Predator, The Monster Series and many others. She loves writing anything from Young Adult to Suspense Romance.


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