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[Blog Tour + Review] Dirty Lust by K. Renee

RELEASE DATE: 09.02.16

Dirty Lust Ebook

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Dirty Lust


Ethan Black
I thought that letting her go would protect her. Watching her walk away from me was the biggest mistake of my life. She’s the air I breathe and the one thing I’ve always wanted. She doesn’t know what she means to me, but I’m prepared to protect her no matter the cost.
Heartbreak. It’s the way I live while she’s gone and seeing the light dim in her eyes doesn’t make it easier. I need her just as she needs me, but can she forgive me for walking away?

Riley Carter
Ethan pushed me away and for the first time in a long time, I felt alone. I thought that maybe getting back out there would make me feel alive again, but all it did was bring me more hurt. The type of hurt that Holden caused was way worse than the pain Ethan left me with.
I will do whatever it takes to protect Ethan and his sister, even if it kills me. I will live my life as a shell of my former self to protect the ones that I love.




"So glad you're awake baby, we can now go over some ground rules." He grins; it's more of the creepy one that you avoid at all costs than the sexy one he was giving me before at dinner. "You're going to be my new submissive." He states, I shake my head no and try to get up, but my body is still too weak to even move. I end up falling to the ground, and he doesn't even bother to help me up. Looking up from the floor, I can't believe I didn't listen to Ethan. I should have known better. "You tell anyone about what I do to you and I'll make sure your little boyfriend pays the price." My eyes widen and I scoot away from him. "I've been watching you two for months. Getting him to leave you was the easy part. Getting you to date me was even easier since you’re pathetic. You can't even be single for long. You supposedly love him yet not even a few weeks later you’re back at the club trolling for a new Dom. Trust me Riley, I'll teach you how a real Dom treats his sub." The wild look in his eyes terrifies me, but I can't bring myself to move. "You'll be begging me to stop and that will only make it worse for you." 


Ethan walks to the dresser and pulls out one of his tee shirts and a pair of sweats for me to wear. I giggle and he gives me a questioning look, I pull them on and pull the waist band out. They are like four sizes too big and when I try to tie them, I can't get them tight enough to stay up. Watching the smile on his face get bigger, I can't help but think that this was worth it. Seeing his smile melts me to my core. He's beautiful even if he thinks I'm crazy for saying it. He is everything I've ever wanted and more. "You're beautiful when you smile," I muse. He shakes his head at me and goes in search for something else for me to wear. "You're crazy." He says holding up an old pair of my sweats that I must have left here. "About you," I grin. He pulls me into him and kisses me deeply. "I'm crazy about you too. Hurry up, let's go get this shit over with." Dropping his sweats to the floor, I pull mine on and pull on his old tee shirt; it's my favorite one. It's worn and soft from all the times he’s washed it.


 5 Stars!

The Dirty Love series was my first introduction to K. Renee. And I am going to be honest, this series is a top 15 of mine of all time. Full of suspense, heat, steam, and romance, Dirty Lust is the fifth book in this series that can be read a standalone though to get the complete picture and full enjoyment, the previous books in this series should be read.

Dirty Lust was a fast read and the perfect addition to this series. We met Riley and Ethan in book one. We have watched their relationship blossom and flourish through their friends eyes. We watch them help everyone and pair off their friends. Now it is time to rewind and hear their story. I'm gonna be honest... it is not easy but soooo worth it.

This is Ethan and Riley's story. Ethan and Riley are in a dom/sub relationship. They are a match made in heaven until the floor falls out from underneath them. Ethan is receving threats so he has to let Riley go to protect her. Little does he know, that moment will forever change both of their lives. Ups. Downs. Hurdles. Be prepared for their story.

Man oh man these two put me through the ringer. The first 20% of their story was hard to read. My heart went out to both of them, struggling in their own personal he!!s. Riley and Ethan put me on an emotional roller coaster that made me laugh, smile, swoon, cry, and get so so angry. If you followed these two then be prepared for the unexpected.

I highly recommend this book.





K. Renee is from sunny, California. Creative by nature, she decided to put her imagination to paper. K. Renee is an avid reader. During the day she works in an office and at night she writes. These stories have been in her head for years and are finally coming out on paper.

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