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[Promo Blitz & Spotlight] Shades of Pink: A Romance Anthology by Catherine Bowman, Mitzi Calderone, Vivien Dean, JJ and TA Ellis, Sabrina Garie, Nina Day Gerard, T. Hammond, Susan Harris, Laura Hunsaker, Kallysten, Amara Lebel, Alicia J. Love, Deelylah Mullin, C. Deanne Rowe, Cynthia Sax, DJ Shaw, Alice Stark, Ashley Suzanne, Gill Taber, Natasza Waters, Zoe York & Angela Yseult

As you may know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Last year, the first Shades of Pink event raised over $10.000 through more than 1300 donations!
For our second year, 22 authors have allied for 1 cause: fundraising for research. Their gift to everyone who makes a donation? A romance anthology (ebook) titled Shades of Pink (volume 2), totaling almost 150.000 words / about 400 pages as a PDF.
The suggested donation is $5. Funds are raised via and all proceeds go directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Readers can also donate to the charity organization of their choice (with a focus on breast cancer) and email their receipt to receive their copy of the anthology in either PDF, ePub or mobi (kindle).

Who: Authors involved are...
Catherine Bowman, Mitzi Calderone, Vivien Dean, JJ and TA Ellis, Sabrina Garie, Nina Day Gerard, T. Hammond, Susan Harris, Laura Hunsaker, Kallysten, Amara Lebel, Alicia J. Love, Deelylah Mullin, C. Deanne Rowe, Cynthia Sax, DJ Shaw, Alice Stark, Ashley Suzanne, Gill Taber, Natasza Waters, Zoe York, Angela Yseult
When: Now through November 15th.
What: 22 short stories, including…

4 paranormal, 1 sci-fi, 11 contemporary, 1 historical, 2 military, 3 BDSM, 2 YA (some stories have more than one genre)
3 spicy (ménage or kink), 7 sexy (explicit sex scenes), 12 sweet (no sex)
A couple of vampires, about three dozen humans including soldiers, geeks, teachers, librarians, writers, survivors, bosses, rock stars, teens, mages, wives, husbands and fiancés, 1 succubus, 1 genie, a few aliens, some werewolves and other shifters.
 Pink, pink and more pink, including tattoos, plenty of flowers, precious stones, jewelry, a bookmark, a drawing, ropes, lingerie, a car, a bag, a vase, various clothes, an anteater and a squirrel.
Here you’ll find links to teasers for the stories, interviews of the authors and blog posts during all of October, a FAQ, and of course the link where you can donate and help this worthy cause.
Sabrina Garie
Shades of Pink anthology, Kallysten (ed.)
Story: The Gesture
Interview with Sabrina Garie
What made you want to become a writer?
I don’t think I chose to be a writer. Rather I chose to write. The craft is such a wonderful way to create something from nothing while exploring your own emotions, assumptions, and understanding of how the world works. As a romance author, it gives me some pretty neat insights into how love evolves at different stages of a relationship or different stages of life.
Who are your major influences/inspirations in writing?
In the romance genre, I have learned a lot from J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood. I adore the driving rhythm of her writing and her ability to get you to fall in love with her characters over the course of several books. I’ve learned similar things from Nalini Singh and Sherrilyn Kenyon but J.R. Ward has rawest writing style.
I am also a big sci fi and fantasy fan and could not imagine writing without having read Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End, Robert Heinlein’s A Stranger in A Strange Land and Madeline L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time. Those books taught me to look behind the obvious, question the way the world works, be open to unexpected futures, who the real heroes are, and the fluid lines between good and evil.
Who are you favorite authors?
In many ways, everyone I mentioned as major influences are also my favorite authors. I love to read their books.
I’ll add Italo Calvino to the mix, because his book, If On a Winter’s Night a Traveler, ranks as my all time favorite book. Ever. How amazing is it when one of the most creative eclectic authors in the world, writes a homage to readers.
What are you currently reading?
Geraldine Brooks People of the Book, which explores the history of a Haggadah (the Jewish prayer book used for Passover) found in war-torn Bosnia. I just started it, so I can’t say much about it, but generally I like books that find innovative ways to mix history and fiction.
Where does your character inspiration come from?
I like strong kick-ass women, so that tends to dominate how I approach my stories. I also put a piece of myself into all my female characters as a way to go down deep into myself.
Why is this cause close to you? (referring to breast cancer awareness)
This topic is very close to me. Both my grandmothers, my mother and my cousin are breast cancer survivors.
Ten Fun Facts
I wrote "The Gesture," for this anthology for my tween daughter because she asked me to write a story for her. Since I usually write steamy romances, for this I had to write a sweet story that I could read to her. 
I have a cat and a dog who unpeacefully coexist.
I published a poem on friendship when I was 11.
I have seen the aurora borealis from an airplane en route to Iceland.
I am queasy about heights. And yes, I don’t like to fly but I do it anyway. I took up climbing before motherhood to help me deal with my fear of heights. It helped it but did not eliminate it.
One of my most treasured memories is getting of a train at the Venice train station to see sunrise over the Grand Canal.
My favorite color is pink.
My favorite food is Ben and Jerry’s Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Ice Cream (and on my birthday will eat it by the pint).
I studied history in college. Not because I was driven to be an historian, but because I had enough credits to call it major.
I am a stain attractor. I always spilled all over myself growing up. When I conquered it, people started spilling on me. To this day, I avoid white clothes if at all possible.
So, tell me a fun fact about you. Inquiring minds want to know.
Hmmm, I am an avid baker of sweets! So, passed on to me from previous generations, I make 8-layer cakes. I learned this from my grandmother and I always use to help her as a kid. I eventually learned the skill of baking them. I use to sell them to people. Now, I only make them for family gatherings.
Books by Sabrina Garie can be found at...


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